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मानू, सुचवणे, बाहेर काढणे, साध्य, निर्धारित, समजा, अंदाज, तर्क, मानणे, daresay
सुचवणे, शकुन अपशकुन असणे

Infer    :सुचवणे


Infer - सुचवणे

Inference :: कयास

Inferences :: निश्चितच

Infers :: infers


Related Words

1. infer from :: अनुमान


1. deduce :: तर्क

2. generalize :: सामान्य विधान

3. guess :: अंदाज

4. understand :: समजून

Different forms

infer, inference, inferences, infers

English to Marathi Dictionary: infer
Meaning and definitions of infer, translation in Marathi language for infer with similar and opposite words. Also find spoken pronunciation of infer in Marathi and in English language.

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What infer means in Marathi, infer meaning in Marathi, infer definition, examples and pronunciation of infer in Marathi language.

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