English to Marathi Meaning of issue - समस्या

Issue :

अभिव्यक्ती, उघड, प्रकटीकरण, समस्या, असुरक्षितता, भावनांना मोकळी करून दिलेली वाट, माल, रेमिटंस, मिशन, उत्सर्जन, प्रसिद्धी, च्या पलीकडे जाणे, घोषणा, अभिसरण, वंशवृध्दी, अधिवेशन, चलन, सानुकूल, सवय, पुनरावृत्ती, सुटलेला, उदय, स्त्राव, वर येणे, वाद, कारण, प्राक्तन, परिणाम, पर्यवसान, निष्कर्ष, जन्म, उत्पादन, वाढ, उत्पत्ती, बाहेर जात आहे, निचरा, बाहेर पडा, आउटलेट, वाट करून देणे, बंद करू, प्रवाह, ढाळ, ओतणे, बाहेर ओतुन टाकणे, वाहते, संतती, पिल्ले, वाढणे, नफा, फायदा, पोहोचण्याचा, फळ, पुरवठा, शोधणे

प्रकट, प्रकाशित, ठेवले, व्यक्त, उघड, समस्या, परिचय, जाहीर, प्रसाराची, सूचित, उत्पादन केले जाऊ, जन्म झाला, वाढतात, निघणे, जाणे, दिसणे, सुटलेला, एकही रन नाही, वसंत ऋतू, कडून आला आहे, उद्भवू, उगम, जातीच्या, उठणे, जेट, नळी, तसेच, पुढे, मागून येऊन गाठणे, दिसून, प्रक्षेपित, पाठवा, सोडणे, दुस-याचा प्रतिनिधी म्हणून काम करणे, संदेश, बाहेर काढा, एकदम बोलणे, फेकणे, पुरवठा, सेवा, अन्न इ चा पुरवठा करणे, वर फिट, श्वास बाहेर टाकणे, चलनफुगवटा कमी करण्यासाठी चलन कमी करणे, काढून टाकावे

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Definitions of issue in English
Noun(1) an important question that is in dispute and must be settled(2) one of a series published periodically(3) some situation or event that is thought about(4) the act of providing an item for general use or for official purposes (usually in quantity(5) supplies (as food or clothing or ammunition(6) the income or profit arising from such transactions as the sale of land or other property(7) a phenomenon that follows and is caused by some previous phenomenon(8) the immediate descendants of a person(9) the becoming visible(10) an opening that permits escape or release(11) the act of issuing printed materials
Verb(1) prepare and issue for public distribution or sale(2) circulate or distribute or equip with(3) bring out an official document (such as a warrant(4) come out of(5) make out and issue
Examples of issue in English
(1) I don't have an issue with that(2) the struggles of history issue from the divided heart of humanity(3) A full report on the launch of the festival will be published in next week's issue .(4) In question is whether an issue of shares constitutes a supply for VAT purposes.(5) The Seychelles Government was not amused and cancelled the complete note issue .(6) the chance of carrying such a scheme to a successful issue was small(7) the December issue of the magazine(8) a share issue has been launched(9) With an issue of blood she was cut off from the worship of God in the formal sense.(10) However, plans for the unit sales and bond issue remain at an early stage, he added.(11) One of the editorial board told Socialist Worker that it is on course for 9,000 sales of its latest issue .(12) the issue of racism(13) Resolving the abduction issue is an urgent matter.(14) it's still a point of issue(15) The findings are being published in this week's issue of the journal Nature.(16) Sports Illustrated will publish its world-famous swimsuit issue next month.
Related Phrases of issue
(1) date of issue ::
समस्येच्या तारीख
(2) issue date ::
समस्या तारीख
(3) current issue ::
चालू घडामोडी
(4) hot issue ::
गरम समस्या
(5) at issue ::
(6) first issue ::
पहिला अंक
(7) special issue ::
विशेष अंक
(8) main issue ::
मुख्य समस्या
(9) security issue ::
सुरक्षितता समस्या
(10) controversial issue ::
वादग्रस्त मुद्दा
1. matter ::
4. offspring ::
5. discharge ::
7. publication ::
8. take ::
9. number ::
10. consequence ::
11. emergence ::
12. government issue ::
सरकार गांभीर्याने
13. send out ::
बाहेर पाठवा
14. supply ::
15. emanate ::
16. result from ::
चा परिणाम
17. publish ::
18. egress ::
बाहेर जाण्याचा मार्ग
19. cut ::
1. antecedent ::
2. causation ::
3. cause ::
4. occasion ::
5. reason ::
Different Forms
issue, issued, issues, issuing
Word Example from TV Shows
...and I was forced to issue
an undeserved apology...

...and I was forced to ISSUE an undeserved apology...

The Big Bang Theory Season 3, Episode 16

The only other retraction
I ever had to issue

The only other retraction I ever had to ISSUE

The Big Bang Theory Season 7, Episode 10

- How was the comic-book store?
- Fine. The new issue of Flash is out.

- How was the comic-book store? - Fine. The new ISSUE of Flash is out.

The Big Bang Theory Season 2, Episode 16

based on a constitutional
or statutory issue.

based on a constitutional or statutory ISSUE.

The Big Bang Theory Season 12, Episode 6

...against your Flash 123,
the classic

...against your Flash 123, the classic "Flash of Two Worlds" ISSUE.

The Big Bang Theory Season 3, Episode 2

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