English to Marathi Meaning of low - कमी

Low :

कमी, कनिष्ठ, दुय्यम, उदास करू, बेस, काही, अंतर्गत, थोडे, लहान, नम्र, खाली वाकून, उदासीन, कुश, थोडा, मिनिट, क्षुद्र, पाजी, क्षुल्लक, याचा अर्थ असा, ओंगळ, निराश, असाध्य, विषाद, खोल, मऊ, शांत, फाटकातुटका, त्या दिवशी, अनैतिक, आधुनिक, नंतरचे, नवीन, अलीकडील, मागे, अकार्यक्षम, कमकुवत, देणे-दूर, सभ्य, प्रकाश, पेटिट, अतिशय घाणेरडा, स्वार्थी, इतर, थकलेला, भ्रष्ट, न्यून, निश्चल, सखल, स्वत: ला अपत्य व्हावे अशी इच्छा करणारी स्त्री, उदास, मूडी, खिन्न, गेल्या, अंतिम, अत्यंत, अपूर्ण, सदोष, आंशिक, तुटपुंजा, उथळ, वरवरच्या, खोल नाही, दुर्मिळ, आळशी, सौम्य, मंद, निविदा, मरगळलेला, कंटाळवाणा, मिळमिळीत, कमजोर, अशक्त, कल, पोटावार चेहरा खाली करून झोपणे, बहिष्कृत, विनम्र, विनयशील, तरुण, मूर्खपणाचे, डरकाळी, शिवाय, राँची

कमीlowedसर्वात कमीयेतlowishlownessफॅ
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Definitions of low in English
Noun(1) an air mass of lower pressure; often brings precipitation(2) British political cartoonist (born in New Zealand, 1891-1963(3) a low level or position or degree(4) the lowest forward gear ratio in the gear box of a motor vehicle; used to start a car moving
Verb(1) make a low noise, characteristic of bovines
Adjective(1) less than normal in degree or intensity or amount(2) literal meanings; being at or having a relatively small elevation or upward extension(3) very low in volume(4) unrefined in character(5) used of sounds and voices; low in pitch or frequency(6) of the most contemptible kind(7) low or inferior in station or quality(8) no longer sufficient(9) subdued or brought low in condition or status(10) filled with melancholy and despondency
Adverb(1) in a low position; near the ground
Examples of low in English
(1) Water comes up to the second floor, they are out of gasoline, and food supplies are running perilously low .(2) The first are in low valleys where lakes did not form and the second, larger ones are higher and the result of rainfall.(3) Over a low to moderate heat this will take a good 25 minutes, during which time a savoury golden sediment will attach itself to the pan.(4) The diet is low in fat which, research shows, is a healthy way to lose weight and keep it off.(5) The latest utility crisis has little to do with low supplies of natural gas or electricity.(6) area of low pressure(7) Thus its effectiveness, when a hitter has two strikes, and this pitch is thrown low enough.(8) it's pretty low of him to say that(9) Because he was low on cash, Amos couldn't afford to buy another batch right away.(10) Another consequence of underfunding is that staff levels are very low at the moment.(11) It revealed that disclosure of sexual violence to professionals was strikingly low .(12) At this height, among the Himalayas, the sky looms like a low ceiling and the snow does not have far to fall.(13) Well we designed the low protein, low fibre diet so that we didn't actually alter the calories.(14) It is totally unregulated and much of it is of low quality.(15) With it, she wore a simple purple shirt with a neckline that was not quite low , but by no means modest.(16) Their little mining venture was situated on a low ridge, not far from the track through to Queensland.
Related Phrases of low
(1) get low ::
कमी मिळवा
(2) lie low ::
कमी खोटे
(3) very low ::
खूप खाली
(4) lay low ::
कमी घालणे
(5) low-down ::
1. short ::
2. cheap ::
3. scarce ::
4. inferior ::
5. humble ::
6. unambitious ::
7. unfavorable ::
8. uncouth ::
9. quiet ::
10. bass ::
11. depressed ::
12. low-toned ::
कमी टोन्ड
13. small ::
15. down in the mouth ::
तोंड खाली
17. broken ::
18. low-pitched ::
कमी आवाज
19. nadir ::
20. depression ::
21. first gear ::
पहिल्या गियर
22. moo ::
Different Forms
low, lowed, lowest, lowing, lowish, lowness, lows
Word Example from TV Shows
Well, actually,
the risk of throat-cutting is very low.

Well, actually, the risk of throat-cutting is very LOW.

The Big Bang Theory Season 3, Episode 6

There's too much focus on the border.
We lay low for the time being.

There's too much focus on the border. We lay LOW for the time being.

Breaking Bad Season 3, Episode 8

You know I know
you're low on arrows,

You know I know you're LOW on arrows,

Game of Thrones Season 4, Episode 10

Stay low.


The Big Bang Theory Season 1, Episode 11

So, what is the down and the low?

So, what is the down and the LOW?

The Big Bang Theory Season 2, Episode 9

English to Marathi Dictionary: low

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