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अतिशय थकवा येण्याची अवस्था, उतार, निराशा, औदासिन्य, despondency, आशा नुकसान, संपुष्टात येणे, थकवा, कंटाळा, कमालीचा थकवा, शैथिल्य, टेकणे, कृती
अतिशय थकवा येण्याची अवस्था

Prostration    :अतिशय थकवा येण्याची अवस्था


Prostration - अतिशय थकवा येण्याची अवस्था

Prostrations :: prostrations


Related Words

1. prostration :: अतिशय थकवा येण्याची अवस्था


1. collapse :: संकुचित

2. weakness :: अशक्तपणा

3. debility :: कमजोरपणा

4. lassitude :: शैथिल्य

5. exhaustion :: संपुष्टात येणे

6. fatigue :: थकवा

7. tiredness ::

8. enervation ::

9. emotional exhaustion :: भावनिक संपुष्टात येणे

10. war-weariness :: युद्ध-थकवा


1. refreshment :: अल्पोपाहार

2. rejuvenation :: पुन्हा जोम

Different forms

prostration, prostrations

English to Marathi Dictionary: prostration
Meaning and definitions of prostration, translation in Marathi language for prostration with similar and opposite words. Also find spoken pronunciation of prostration in Marathi and in English language.

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What prostration means in Marathi, prostration meaning in Marathi, prostration definition, examples and pronunciation of prostration in Marathi language.

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