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अलीकडील, चालू, नंतरचे, नवीन, आधुनिक, झटपट, तरुण, मिंट स्थितीत, neoteric, कादंबरी, ताज्या
अलीकडील, neoteric

Recent    :अलीकडील


Recent - अलीकडील

Recenter :: रिसेंटर

Recentest :: recentest

Recently :: अलीकडे

Recentness :: recentness


Related Words

1. in recent years :: अलीकडच्या वर्षात


1. new :: नवीन

2. not long past :: नाही पूर्वी

3. late :: उशीरा

Different forms

recent, recenter, recentest, recently, recentness

English to Marathi Dictionary: recent
Meaning and definitions of recent, translation in Marathi language for recent with similar and opposite words. Also find spoken pronunciation of recent in Marathi and in English language.

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What recent means in Marathi, recent meaning in Marathi, recent definition, examples and pronunciation of recent in Marathi language.

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