English to Marathi Meaning of thin - पातळ

Thin :

पातळ, दंड, सौम्य, कमी, कृश, द्रवरूप, मऊ, द्रवपदार्थ करा, पाणी खाली, वितळणे, जवळीक

पातळ, सौम्य, सडपातळ, सूक्ष्म, ठिसूळ, अरुंद, असा आवाज असणारी, दंड, भाषण, भकास, कृश, अणकुचीदार, जनावराचे, कुपोषित, अविकसित, कच्चा, कमकुवत, असमाधानकारकपणे, निस्तेज, आजारी, कमजोर, नाजूक, उत्कृष्ट, विवेकी, थोडे, लहान, सामान्य, प्रकाश, पातळ प्रसिध्द, द्रव, द्रवपदार्थ, सभ्य, मऊ, पेटिट, मिथ्या, मूर्ख, क्षुल्लक, देय, अत्यंत कृश, कुरुप जमा, पाणचट, दुर्मिळ, उघडा, असामान्य, क्वचितच घडणारा, आतापर्यंत दरम्यान, विरळ, उपेक्षणीय, गरीब, बिघडलेला, अशक्त, कुश

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Definitions of thin in English
Verb(1) lose thickness; become thin or thinner(2) make thin or thinner(3) lessen the strength or flavor of a solution or mixture(4) take off weight
Adjective(1) of relatively small extent from one surface to the opposite or in cross section(2) lacking excess flesh(3) very narrow(4) not dense(5) relatively thin in consistency or low in density; not viscous(6) (of sound(7) lacking spirit or sincere effort(8) lacking substance or significance
Adverb(1) without viscosity
Examples of thin in English
(1) A hole has been torn in the thin veil of ozone just above the Antarctic.(2) The air is so thin it is incapable of supporting life.(3) Baron stifled his angry response and forced a thin smile instead.(4) The string tone is thin , but the sound has an attractive warmth overall.(5) She began to feel her thin shoes break under her, and the muscles in her thighs started to burn with fury from the intense climb.(6) The weather was fairly warm for Spring, so the boys were fine in their thin clothing.(7) I found the explanation for the campaign material disappointing and a bit thin .(8) He gave me a brief, thin smile that seemed more for my benefit than his.(9) There seems to have been at most a thin trickle of men directly from northern France into Scotland, and there is little evidence of migration directly from the Continent to Ireland.(10) Once you have bunched four or five sprigs together, wind thin wire around the cluster, leaving a one-inch spike at the bottom.(11) Behind that sound, hidden in it, was the thin , faint sound of a woman's distant scream, coming from inside the building.(12) She is skeletally thin , with hollow, cadaverous eyes and cheeks.(13) If no frank perforation is seen, thin barium liquid should be used to identify lacerations that may otherwise be missed.(14) The whiting have started to thin out although the blackfish have picked up a bit.(15) The invitation, offered with a thin smile, comes out of the blue.(16) If you are one of those frailer and more malnourished types, you should eat light nourishing soups or thin rice porridge.
Related Phrases of thin
(1) tall and thin ::
उंच आणि पातळ
(2) very thin ::
खूप पातळ
(3) through thick and thin ::
जाड आणि पातळ माध्यमातून
(4) thin layer ::
पातळ थर
(5) thin film ::
पातळ थर
(6) thin air ::
पातळ हवा
(7) thin client ::
छोटा ग्राहक
(8) thick and thin ::
जाड आणि पातळ
(9) thin out ::
पातळ बाहेर
(10) thin ice ::
पातळ बर्फ
1. narrow ::
2. lightweight ::
3. slim ::
4. sparse ::
5. watery ::
6. weak ::
7. insubstantial ::
8. lean ::
9. slender ::
10. slight ::
11. dilute ::
12. disperse ::
13. reduce ::
1. chubby ::
2. corpulent ::
3. fat ::
4. gross ::
5. obese ::
6. overweight ::
जादा वजन
7. plump ::
8. portly ::
9. rotund ::
10. tubby ::
लठ्ठ व गरगरीत
Different Forms
thin, thinly, thinness, thins
Word Example from TV Shows
Very thin.

Very THIN.

Breaking Bad Season 3, Episode 11

I don't know,
stay thin and have money.

I don't know, stay THIN and have money.

The Big Bang Theory Season 11, Episode 11

The thin man wasn't hungry today.

The THIN man wasn't hungry today.

Game of Thrones Season 5, Episode 9

Perhaps that is why a man is thin.

Perhaps that is why a man is THIN.

Game of Thrones Season 5, Episode 9

- The joke wore thin, though.
- For you. You drifted away.

- The joke wore THIN, though. - For you. You drifted away.

Game of Thrones Season 4, Episode 8

English to Marathi Dictionary: thin

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