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शिरासंबंधीचा, venal, उंचवटे असलेला

Venal    :venal


Venal - venal

Venality :: लाचखोरी

Venally :: venally



1. corrupt :: भ्रष्ट

2. corruptible ::

3. bribable ::

4. open to bribery :: लाचलुचपत खुले

5. dishonest :: अप्रामाणिक

6. dishonorable :: लाजिरवाणा

7. untrustworthy :: अविश्वासू

8. unscrupulous :: विशिष्ट

9. unprincipled :: अप्रामाणिक

10. mercenary :: भाडोत्री

11. greedy :: लोभी

12. crooked :: कुटिल


1. incorruptible :: अविनाशी

Different forms

venal, venality, venally

English to Marathi Dictionary: venal
Meaning and definitions of venal, translation in Marathi language for venal with similar and opposite words. Also find spoken pronunciation of venal in Marathi and in English language.

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What venal means in Marathi, venal meaning in Marathi, venal definition, examples and pronunciation of venal in Marathi language.

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