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अशक्तपणा, अपयश, नपुंसकत्व, ओस पडल्या, रोग प्रतिबंधक लस तयार करण्याची जंतुशास्त्रातील रित, अपंगत्व, हलगर्जीपणा, असमर्थता, मुलभूत, थकवा
कमकुवत बाजू, रॅप, मर्यादेचे उल्लंघन, मन, जर फक्त, सारखे, अशक्तपणा, किडा, कामाची हयगय

Weakness    :अशक्तपणा


Weakness - अशक्तपणा



1. frailty :: frailty

2. fault :: चूक

3. fondness :: आवड

4. timidity ::

5. untenability ::

6. indistinctness ::

7. failing :: अपयश

8. impuissance :: impuissance

English to Marathi Dictionary: weakness
Meaning and definitions of weakness, translation in Marathi language for weakness with similar and opposite words. Also find spoken pronunciation of weakness in Marathi and in English language.

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What weakness means in Marathi, weakness meaning in Marathi, weakness definition, examples and pronunciation of weakness in Marathi language.

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