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:: the capital of Cyprus:: In Ramakrishapur village we met three Onge men who had canoed to the settlement to buy fishhooks and a knife for cutting branches in the forests:: Ninety solar panels wrap the south side and canopy the bedroom terrace blocking the sun and generating an energy credit:: He was standing frozen in the doorway a rough sack of belongings slung over his shoulder:: A grotesque wreck of a truck lying by the road side its fender blown off and torched to the metal:: An imaginative translator must explore ways even if roundabout to recreate the effect of the original in the language into which it is translated:: In the middle of a street in my home town it ignores all of the fine architecture and engineering structures that I have always treasured the Town Hall the Market Hall the many viaducts and bridges:: Sid parked the scooter and strode towards the iron gate confidently:: It is suspended on leather straps attached to a steelsprung chassis with bright chrome wheels:: Having no quarrel with the medial view of motion Sadra sets out to prove the objective existence of motion as passage :: The battles about drivers or airline passengers using mobiles are not trivial:: In his black limousine with the number one license plate he would be driven into Chicago in solitary splendor:: Lets choose the point x 3 and try to decide what it means for the curve to have a gradient at the point:: This is a living reef resting on an extinct volcano cone which comes up about three kilometres two miles from the ocean floor:: Back at the Midland Hotel I spoke to the night porter Patrick a former miner:: The idea is to allow them to have more time doing other things they will be beeped for the rides when their turn comes:: It proved a great adventure and the kids loved the sleeper train:: Social scientists claim to have overturned the popular notion that modern children never walk because they are chauffeured everywhere by their parents:: The fleet of 130 ships including 22 fighting galleons sailed in a crescent shape:: Some manuscripts include rough and final drafts and galley and page proofs:: Several of the larger locks have floating bollards that you place one of your lines around as you stand amidships on your boat
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