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झाडणे, टाकून दिलेल्या वस्तूंतून उपयुक्त वस्तू शोधून काढणे, विशिष्ट वायुच्या प्रक्रियेने वितळवलेला धातू शुद्ध करणे, (रस्ता इ वरील)घाण साफ करणे
Scavenge :
- झाडणेscavengedscavengesमल

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Verb(1) clean refuse from(2) collect discarded material(3) feed on carrion or refuse(4) remove unwanted substances from

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(1) Their analysis also found that B. anthracis has an enhanced capacity to scavenge iron, which it may use to survive in its host.(2) the city dump where the squatters scavenge to survive(3) Fish will scavenge for insects and plant life in the pond but will also benefit from an occasional feeding of fish food.(4) Let's go to my house, and see if we can scavenge anything.(5) Raptors, buzzards among them, swirled, checked and glided above Ivy Scar, then eased over the valley to hunt and scavenge the stone-walled fields.(6) The administration of superoxide dismutase to scavenge superoxide anions was found to promote the survival rate of transplanted skin flaps.(7) Another is that cats don't scavenge , so the only time that they could be baited is when they are ÔÇÿdoing it tough, like right nowÔÇÿ.(8) the feral cat preferred to scavenge carrion from the forest floor(9) They are surviving on scraps, trying to find anything they can scavenge from the dirt to eat or to sell.(10) Once having learnt to scavenge carcasses, the classic piranha feeding behaviour could have followed soon after.(11) They'd rather scavenge dead animals than try to bring down something that might fight back.(12) Looters also made a comeback, making forays into a presidential palace to scavenge whatever was left behind from earlier bouts of looting.(13) Expeditions would scavenge the desolate landscape for precious supplies, such as fuel and water.(14) In the Flood model, the observation of shark remains among dinosaurs would not be considered unusual, since one would expect that sharks would scavenge floating dinosaurs.(15) Most unclean of all are those animals who are fed on refuse scraps, human or animal excrement, or who scavenge dead animals.(16) Unlike the wolves the coyotes preferred to scavenge the dead carcasses left behind by others.
1. forage ::
2. clean ::
3. salvage ::
Different Forms
scavenge, scavenged, scavenges, scavenging
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