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:: At the same time the government has ordered a general alert canceling all leave and reinforcing positions:: He had joined the army as a drummer boy and had served in India before the outbreak of the First World War:: she fired an arrow at me:: The little guy did have a crucial part in the only goal of the half but a number of the home defenders should have been cashiered for desertion for their part in it:: The problem is that many military generals and colonels and lieutenantcolonels do their own thing:: John Swinney the embattled leader of the SNP was last night facing a new crisis of credibility after two of his own MSPs suggested he should step aside because of his failure to make the party relevant to ordinary voters:: Surely she wouldnt explode with anger and stomp off:: Nero had to quickly prepare himself for the explosion of anger that was to come:: The two powerful explosive charges being laid are expertly placed:: the dangers of religious extremism:: Associated with the element of fire and the sun in astrology the plant was often used in floral oracle readings:: Officers also recovered a starting pistol with ammunition and two imitation firearms :: More than 100 riot police battled Friday for control of Limas largest wholesale fruit market against vendors armed with shotguns pistols and homemade firebombs :: The French first sent forward Genoese mercenary crossbowmen whose weapons their bowstrings slackened by a shower of rain proved no match for the English longbows :: If we have to upgrade some of our technology to allow text messaging on marine radio then lets make it so:: Confident in their military prowess they preferred to try the arbitrament of war:: Surviving civil wars and brutal militias in several African countries they arrive in Algeria and then must walk across the desert to Morocco:: More would teach you how to mine for minerals smelt metals process the raw supplies:: Pikemen stood on guard with their 16 feet long weapons and musketeers cleaned their matchlock muskets ready for the later mock battles:: During World War I her activism for pacifism grew and in 1919 she helped to found the Womens International League for Peace and Freedom:: And now there are also angry shareholders to pacify :: :: On July 23rd 1952 Nasser helped to organise a revolt against the Royal Family and King Farouk was overthrown after a few days of bloodless rebellion:: Simultaneously men rose from their places on the grand stand and fired three quick shots with revolvers into the air:: The chief engineer of the pipeline said saboteurs are definitely responsible for the resultant explosion and fire:: Did the spy cameras capture the action in the showers:: So I asked Justice Kirby his view about international human rights covenants and treaties :: In several poems that refer to her native Costa Rica we begin to understand one of the reasons for her unrest and unhappiness:: Their demand for more autonomy is undermined by the brutal campaign that they wage against innocent civilians throughout Russia
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