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:: After 15 years he returned as parish priest to Beverley during which time he was made a canon of the cathedral chapter in 1982:: They went over to a spot on one wall where handguns and revolvers were set up:: Authorities are urging about 9000 people living nearby to evacuate that danger zone:: The bacteria are feared to have migrated to crowded shelters outside the state where many evacuees are staying:: rapier wit:: Rods with lineclass ratings of 30 lb class or below are what may be described as lightline fishing:: Compare this with how the victors over France acted after its defeat in the Napoleonic wars:: We will win victories we cannot now imagine and live through shattering defeats:: Being in the Army the mercenary had maps of every conceivable place on the planet:: Admitting affray and criminal damage he was jailed for 14 months:: The Allies who were at one stage two days march from Paris had circulated details of their planned reprisals so that the Revolutionaries knew who was to be tortured to death and who merely imprisoned for life:: Two women who tried to battle a wall of flames to rescue a man trapped in his blazing home were today praised by firefighters:: Weep holes are designed to drain out any water that seeps through the brick or mortar :: The result is a heavyweight movie which leaves you feeling punchdrunk throughout an adrenaline ride fuelled by some incendiary performances:: The president went to war to establish the principle you cannot unilaterally invade another country:: Lieutenant General Frederick Morgan was put in charge of planning the invasion to end all invasions:: Painted against neutral empty backgrounds the figures appear to be watching the viewer:: the sound of the shell passing over followed by the explosion:: But by the same token its not a good thing for them to be fomenting world opinion against us either:: This isnt quite the same as being a bunch of spineless appeasers :: This important book is a major contribution to an understanding of British politics and the way it developed:: They are going through mental and physical torture :: The field is full of veterans who want to race and arent afraid of trading a little paint for position:: Such a world exists not for car owners but for owners of life insurance policies intended for lapse or surrender :: Terrorism has to be fought with knowledge with surveillance and intelligence:: Tom was bombarded with questions and he was getting fed up:: After World War II begins Zinn decides to enlist in the Air Force as a bombardier even though his navy yard job would have provided an exemption:: He ran his finger over the fine edge of the daggers blade:: He ignored the resolution and continued to rape and pillage the country
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