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उमेदवार, उमेदवारी, postulant, इच्छुक, अर्जदार, परीक्षा

Candidate    :उमेदवार


Candidate - उमेदवार

Candidates :: उमेदवार


Related Words

1. release candidate :: प्रकाशन उमेदवार


1. applicant :: अर्जदार

2. prospect :: आशा

3. nominee ::

Different forms

candidate, candidates

English to Marathi Dictionary: candidate
Meaning and definitions of candidate, translation in Marathi language for candidate with similar and opposite words. Also find spoken pronunciation of candidate in Marathi and in English language.

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What candidate means in Marathi, candidate meaning in Marathi, candidate definition, examples and pronunciation of candidate in Marathi language.

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