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गोंधळ, तपकिरी, भलत्याच गोष्टींचे मिश्रण, खिचडी

Macaroni    :तपकिरी


Macaroni - तपकिरी

Macaronis :: macaronis


Related Words

1. macaroni cheese :: तपकिरी चीज


1. mess :: गोंधळ

2. macaroni :: तपकिरी

3. mishmash :: भलत्याच गोष्टींचे मिश्रण

4. hodgepodge :: खिचडी

5. farrago :: खिचडी

6. hotchpotch :: खिचडी

Different forms

macaroni, macaronis

English to Marathi Dictionary: macaroni
Meaning and definitions of macaroni, translation in Marathi language for macaroni with similar and opposite words. Also find spoken pronunciation of macaroni in Marathi and in English language.

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What macaroni means in Marathi, macaroni meaning in Marathi, macaroni definition, examples and pronunciation of macaroni in Marathi language.

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