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खजिना, संपत्ती, पैसा, जिवलग, पदार्थ, श्रीमंती, परिपूर्णता, मालमत्ता, ताब्यात, जिवंत, मद्य, व्यापारी

Wealth    :संपत्ती


Wealth - संपत्ती

Wealthy :: श्रीमंत


Related Words

1. wealth tax :: संपत्ती कर


1. affluence :: श्रीमंती

2. abundance :: भरपूर प्रमाणात असणे

3. wealthiness ::

4. riches :: संपत्ती


1. ace :: स्टार

2. bit :: थोडा

3. dab :: किंचित अलगद स्पर्श करणे

4. dram :: द्रॅम

5. driblet :: लहान रक्कम

6. glimmer :: अंधुक आशा

7. hint :: इशारा

8. lick :: चाटणे

9. little :: थोडे

10. mite :: अगदी लहान वस्तु

11. nip :: तोडणे

12. ounce :: पौंड

13. pinch :: चोरणे

14. pittance :: pittance

15. scruple :: मनात शंका येणे

16. shade :: सावली

Different forms

wealth, wealthy

English to Marathi Dictionary: wealth
Meaning and definitions of wealth, translation in Marathi language for wealth with similar and opposite words. Also find spoken pronunciation of wealth in Marathi and in English language.

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What wealth means in Marathi, wealth meaning in Marathi, wealth definition, examples and pronunciation of wealth in Marathi language.

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