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:: I wondered what he was thinking as we swayed to the melody of softly playing lutes harps and lyres :: Setting poems by John Keats and William Wordsworth Braithwaite developed a love of lyric poetry that inspired his own writing:: An awardwinning poet of voice symbol and lyricism Haydens poetry celebrates human essence:: The evening will encompass the wellknown as well as the recherch material of these writers be they lyricists or musicians:: Sojourner analyzed the chemical composition of fifteen rocks using its alpha proton Xray spectrometer:: I observed that his prose was turgid and his character pompous which is correct on both counts:: While Robespierre ranted he directed the band of the Garde Nationale and served up Jacobin ditties :: The piece may surprise those who associate opera with fat divas in crinolines:: Salters art delivers its meaning through the construction of lowkeyed colors close shading and proportional forms:: Indeed the two concert suites by Purcell and Mufas that the orchestra played as intermezzos sounded as if written for keyboards instead of strings:: Vacation literally means an intermission a period of rest a break from routine a time for recreation or a pause from work:: Darwin found the perfect vehicle for his purpose in the supposed evolution of species by chance variation and natural selection:: a great variety of careers:: Even immobile beings that show no signs of animation or spirituality harbors within it the divine lifeforce that brought it into being:: Talk to us in a year and maybe well be complaining about the formulaic narrative in Japanese anime :: Community is not a fixed social unit but a network of social interactions that are continually remade :: He likes electro techno and house but always figures they could use some renovations:: The problem is that it is nothing more than an extended revue sketch :: The prominent accountant company promoter and Member of Parliament supported the change:: Scotts own contribution to the evening seems to have been limited to a whispered prompt :: While listening to calypso music many of those being entertained like to dance the limbo a dance very popular among Grenadian Americans:: His hagiographers may spin in their graves but the truth will be told:: the states retain a large measure of independence:: the role of Hamlet is much sought after:: The booming roll of thunder shattered the tranquility of the forest:: To specifically monitor the fluorescence signal we placed a bandpass filter centered at 580 nm in front of the optical detector:: The lens that picks up the light from the focal point is called the eyepiece lens :: Guidelines for clefs key signatures barlines and notes are similarly drawn in:: The cast of eight changed roles and costumes constantly and the stage sets added to the visual spectacle:: We have tried local theatrical costumiers but no one has exactly the right period
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