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:: Animal Factory should keep you guessing until the final reel :: A recent solo exhibition at Mixed Greens featured two drawings in accordion books:: I cooked more healthfully by omitting heavy sauces and oil using nonfat cooking spray instead:: Last time I went shopping for the ingredients for taco soup I found a brand of salsa I forget the name that offered salsas in different flavors such as roasted garlic:: There are a lot of upbeats up in the air which is great for dancing but really hard for an orchestra:: At 62 she rarely betrayed her age and if my memory serves me correctly she performed a number of encores to thank the very enthusiastic audience:: Alternatively you can telephone the phone numbers given at the end of this piece:: Contrary to popular belief Houdini is not thought to have died on stage while performing his Water Torture Cell escape:: Crazys uninhibited style of theatrical stagecraft was in evidence even then he started his Savannah turn by emerging from a big dustbin:: The agreement ended a fourday walkout by the Great White Ways musicians supported by actors and stagehands that had cost millions of dollars:: In my own defence I can only say that if as Disraeli said the best way to learn history is by reading biographies then the best obituaries are magnificent potted histories a fabulous chronicle of the century just closed:: The painted retables and carved altarpieces favored the recollection even the reliving of the moments of the Passion:: Written in alternately rhyming iambic pentameters interspersed occasionally with couplets the poem harps insistently on the dead mans virtues in competent but laboured verse while providing little substantiation of its eulogy:: Two of these books are by men with something of a reputation as humorists :: The woodwind players are sometimes asked to play ocarinas those strange lemonshaped clay whistles with simple fingerholes all over them:: he is badly miscast in the romantic lead:: miscellanea derived from a job lot of anthropological monographs:: There are certain nerve endings that extend from the spine to the arms legs hands feet and all over the body:: Born in Holland Keppel attended William of Orange to England in 1688 as a page of honour:: The cantus firmus is sounded in semibreves in the middle of the three voices:: One recurrent motif I noted in the book of 1980 was the group of eight quavers or semiquavers beginning off the beat a simple signature:: She mentally pushed the pain aside and stood slowly:: The team consists of six daring riders who perform a whole range of stunts from high jumps to wheelies on motorcycles quad bikes and threewheelers:: No matter how sophisticated the technology becomes its unlikely that CGI actors will ever be able to take the abuse the stuntmen do in some movies:: The older is a soprano but people tend to make her sing alto :: The playwrights seem to suggest that by not opening up men remain lost:: The problems of construction strings and tunings aside the critical issue is that the instrument is played not with plectrums bows or hammers but only by the hand:: while abroad he had kept a journal
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