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Stuffy :
(खोली) कोंदट, (व्यक्ती) चिडखोर - stuffystuffilystuffy
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Adjective(1) lacking fresh air(2) excessively conventional and unimaginative and hence dull(3) affected with a sensation of stoppage or obstruction

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(1) I need better headphones for this stuff since mine's are like obscure foreign language classes way back in stuffy rooms.(2) Me and Simone were in a corner of the stuffy room, warily glancing at all the models as if they were about to attack.(3) Then you just have a bunch of stuffy people, made even stuffier by their uncomfortable clothes, wandering around and lying about what a good time they are having.(4) ÔÇÿOh come on Wills,ÔÇÖ Blake tries to get our occasionally stuffy friend to loosen up.(5) She rapped the solid oak door three times, before turning the golden handle and entering the stuffy room.(6) Alternatively, if the opening speaker is dry, stuffy , boring, or pompous, it gives every other speaker less momentum to work with.(7) She couldn't wait to get out of that stuffy room she had been in for what seemed like an eternity.(8) Honestly, nothing but a group of old, stuffy men gathering to talk about things they talk about every other day of the year.(9) This is different from those stuffy rooms in other restaurants, compartments here have a big round window in each wall and large straw curtains.(10) In particular, people had remarkably stuffy ideas about sexual behaviour.(11) The new arrival with an irreverent approach to the stuffy conventions and personnel of Parliament made an immediate impression.(12) The first symptoms of a cold are often a tickle in the throat, a runny or stuffy nose, and sneezing.(13) If you just have a stuffy nose or sore throat, you have the green light to work out, although you may want to avoid the gym out of consideration for others.(14) For a portable and convenient inhalant put 1 drop each of the same oils on a tissue or handkerchief and inhale them whenever needed to ease laboured breathing and a stuffy nose.(15) Friends describe Ojjeh as funny, intelligent and chatty, who brings a breath of fresh air into the stuffy world of French politics.(16) DeLaney recommended that she give up all wheat and dairy, in case her stuffy nose was caused by allergies to those foods, and forgo the beer she drank daily after work.
Related Words
(1) stuffy nose ::
stuffy नाक
(2) hot and stuffy ::
गरम आणि stuffy
(3) have a stuffy nose ::
एक stuffy नाक आहे
2. staid ::
गंभीर व शांत
3. blocked ::
4. stodgy ::
1. airy ::
Different Forms
stuffily, stuffy
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