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Perdition - (विनाश) :: This breeze reeked of the incense cast upon the brazier of such sulfurous content to seem as though spewed from the bowels of perdition

Sanction - (मंजूर) :: Governing bodies are allowed to sanction owners and teams

Guillotine - (कागद) :: The king was beheaded on the guillotine on January 21 1793

Heist - (चोरी) :: USA Today essentially heisted a big chunk of the Journals travelrelated ad revenue between 1986 and 1996 Fortune reports

Judicial - (न्यायालयीन) :: The Constitution will give it a common foreign policy and a common judicial system


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Apple - (सफरचंद) :: Eighteen lumps of different cheeses littered the table amongst baskets of green and red apples and ripe pears

Application - (अर्ज) :: Revenue problems will be dealt with separately through a general rate application in the spring

Apply - (लागू) :: to apply a name to sth

Appoint - (नियुक्ती) :: What happens if some individuals are appointed to this authority who turn out to be absolute disasters

Appointment - (नियुक्ती) :: I have been told they should have made an appointment before visiting and I am not obliged to tell them anything


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Mannered - (लकबी) :: It is very mannered very strange and very much an acquired taste

Marshal - (मार्शल) :: In order to get good action shots we often have go in front of the catch fencing from the guidance of the race marshals and if a car does go out of control it usually shunts in the tyre wall and comes to rest

Marsupial - (कांगारुंप्रमाणे पिलाला पिशवीत ठेवणारा प्राणी) :: Tasmania was the last refuge for two large marsupial carnivores

Martinet - (सैन्य किंवा आरमार यांमधील कडक शिस्त ठेवणारा अधिकारी) :: He combined a martinet s toughness with a passion for exotic pornography which he would eagerly show to honoured guests in the privacy of his cabin


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Ambidextrous (डावा आणि उजवा हे दोन्ही हात सारख्याच कौशल्याने वापरणारा) :: The ambidextrous safety levers were just the right size big enough to be fast and positive to release small enough that they werent accidentally released in routine carry

Deliver (वितरीत) :: He doesnt expect them to deliver on any promise they will make

Defunct (मृत) :: When I do it the first five or so results are always the same defunct personal websites for which I have long forgotten the passwords

Lordly (lordly) :: It was rumored that the royal family themselves came there to ask forgiveness for sins as well as take their prayers and many generations of princes and princesses had been crowned to their lordly positions at the altars there

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