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:: Most girls around town were married by sixteen just as soon as they finished their schooling or earlier if they or their pas thought it necessary:: they can walk away from the deal:: I also resented his attack on financial journalists as I count most of the finance fraternity among my closest friends:: In the US justice system if an innocent man found guilty at trial does not feign guilt and remorse he is likely to be mercilessly punished:: At 65 he isnt decrepit and you note that others were reluctant to retire at 70:: he had passed directly from middle age into decrepitude:: The catafalque party stood vigil without spectators to honour those who fell during the battle for El Alamein and the airmen and sailors who lie where they fell with no marker:: Once three graces now three crones the old women preside over their table and their kingdom of life:: Will you stop the practice of appointing ex cronies to plum overseas postings:: Possible adverse events were detected by two nurses in medicine and surgery and two midwives in obstetrics :: He then discusses marriage vows the history of divorce and modern reinterpretations:: This is the only function that is sex specific and thus essentially relates to the sex of the hero and his marriageability :: More than three in five of married people said they preferred to go on a UK trip with their partner as opposed to their friends:: Likewise a lower caste will rarely marry his son or daughter to a person belonging to another caste:: Against this kind of background the Northern Ireland situation is of much more minor importance:: A history of termination of pregnancy recurrent miscarriages sexually transmitted infections or sterilisation can all become a source of conflict:: I have cared for women miscarrying and women whose labours have been induced for all their pain is immeasurable:: Funerals vie with baptisms as though two sides of the same rite:: He got there not by birth or revolution or coup like the rest but through a Westernstyle democratic election or so it seems:: Titled Esau studies the group chose that name explicitly to reflect the younger brothers undercutting of the older brothers birthright :: The newly planted trees include oak ash Scots pine yew birch and alder:: I do not know if there were any other siblings or if their parents had any brothers or sisters:: I have in isolated cases had walkers deliberately walk in front of the bike and I have had to swerve to avoid them:: Theyll have plenty of playmates based on the rate at which our friends are having kids:: Mesh netting of playpens should always be in the upright position:: Many of the cloakrooms have been turned into IT rooms and playrooms
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